Connect in 3 easy steps. 

We currently have two different algorithms to choose from. Each with its own strategy and risk apetite. Each algorithm supports any MT4 account and costs $100 per month, plus a 20% performance fee on all profits made per month. 

if you are looking to run an algorithm on a much larger scale, and are either; a high net worth or institution. Please contact us to discuss further.


Create a trading account

You can connect any MT4 account to our algorithms through your F.X.A account. If you do not yet have an MT4 account, click below to create one with our broker partnership.


Create a F.X.A account

This is where you will connect your MT4 account to our algorithms. You can also manage your risk to match your appetite. You will also make payments through the F.X.A platform.


Connect them together

Each user can have up to two accounts on the F.X.A platform, you can choose to follow both algorithms or choose the one best suited to you. We also have a video talking you through the process.


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