Frequently asked questions

What is the minimam account balance?

The minimam account balance for our algorhtms are:
Steady algorithm : 1,000
Growth algorithm : 2,000 You can connect with a much smaller account, however the risk will be multiplied.

My account is not copying?

If your account is not copying, please watch the video and follow the instructions.

How do I pay the 20% performance fee?

You will be sent an invoice via email at the beggining of each month, you then have until the 7th to pay the invoice or your account will stop copying. You can pay the invoice via PayPal by logging into your F.X.A account and managing the copier.

Please note, the performance fee does not come straight out of your trading account, as we do not have accces to that.

How can I monitor my account?

We reccomend to download the MT4 trading app and log into your trading acount via the app.

How do I deposit and withdraw?

You will deposit and withdraw through your online trading broker. No funds are held with us.

If you need a broker you can open an account here.


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